Friday, 7 June 2013

Where The Wind Blows

Coat- Monki, Jacket- H&M, Top- Primark, Easy Jeans- American Apparel, Bag- Urban Outfitters, Shoes- ASOS, Necklace- H&M 
I currently have exams hence the lack of posts guys. But I have one more left next Thursday then I will be freeee! That is of course until the results day. Anyway I should be off revising, wish all of those doing exams good luck, we can get through this guys. Hopefully I will be more consistent with my blog once my exams are over and summer will  be here.
Just few pictures from my instagram- Recklessrekha and from a day out last month.
1. Me on top of the roof looking over the London skyline.
  2. The itsu interior is the cutest ever I loved everything about it! Look at the fluorescent butterfly lights too pretty. The food is really good, healthy and well priced as well.
3. At the TkMaxx shoppers event!
4. Sublime! Such a liberating feeling to be looking over London
Take care and have a great weekend x

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Gives Me Thrills I Can't Describe

 photo yy.jpg  photo yy5.jpg  photo yy3.jpg  photo yy2.jpg  photo yy1.jpg

Jacket- Miss Selfridge, Dress- River Island, Shirt- River Island, Bag- Urban Outfitters, Shoes- Vans, Sunglasses- H&M, Chain- H&M

This shirt/blouse has the most incredible print ever, I love how eclectic it is. These Vans are so cool, the chunky platforms give you extra height, always a bonus point. I can't wait for warmer weather, end of sixth-form, and my 18th. I think its about time I got a job as well but I'll probably focus on that after finishing A-levels. Life feels such a drag at times blehh. 

And I've been rocking these H&M chains of mine nearly every single day since I purchased it. My friend highly disapproved stating that it looks like a tacky piece of plastic. I don't care. I love it so much hahaa

P.s. sorry for the over pouting poses I don't know what face to make while taking pictures. I'll try to smile more anywho. 
Hope you all are doing well x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Causing Rain Storms Turning Every Good Thing To Rust

 photo y.jpg  photo y5.jpg  photo y4.jpg  photo y7.jpg  photo y3.jpg

Coat- Monki, Jumper- Topshop, Skirt- Topshop, Shoes- Oasap, Bag- Urban Outfitters, Hat- Topshop, Sunglasses- H&M, Necklace- Me & Zena

Hello there, it feels good and refreshing to be blogging after a very long time! Hope 2013 has been good so far to all. I can't believe the weather in London, it has surpassed all its previous disasters. Hope spring finally arrives so I don't have to layer up anymore. 

This skirt is so unflattering and doesn't look how I want it to on, same for the hat and this turtle neck jumper. Not pleased Topshop. Nonetheless I do love their recent SS collections. I love this bag which I got from the UO sales, Barbara owns it as well, I love her style. I also finally managed to buy these sunnies, I am so digging the oversized cat eye thing.

Do follow me on Instagram- Recklessrekha, Tumblr and Twitter would love to see you guys over on that side. 

Take care, make the most of the rest of the Easter break lovelies x

Friday, 21 September 2012

Telling My Whole Life With His Words

DSCN0670_zps70f7f4ec DSCN0676_zps14a94ab2 DSCN0668_zpsca0e6df3 DSCN0662_zpsf83fd109

Sweatshirt- Topshop, Jeans- American Apparel,Bag- Topshop, Creepers- Underground, Belt- Topshop,  Hat- Brick Lane, Earrings- ASOS

These jeans are so wonderful ahh finally I have them. Obviously my unmodelesque short legs and crap picture quality don't do them enough justice. But I love their 80's vibe, incredibly high waisted fitting and all that jazz. They were VERY pricey but then it's AA, what do you expect. Sadtimes. Trips to AA are always so grim because they do the most incredible clothing's everr and their pricetag's are just like a huge slap in the face. I can't wait to get a job hahaa but I'm not planning to get one anytime soon, only after I'm done with A2! 

I'm actually quite excited for winter, the colder weather. Also have my eye's on the most gorge coat ever, fingers crossed they will soon be in my wardrobe. 

Aside from the materialistic talks sixth form is going gooood not necessarily curriculum/study wise but more so socializing friends wise. Iknow it needs to be the other way around. Le sigh. P.S. Really wish i could post my everyday 6th form outfits! But i don't have a consistent cameraman or a tripod or the time shucks.

Take Care lovelies. 


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hints of Mint

DSCN9417 DSCN9413 DSCN9378 DSCN9406 DSCN9388 DSCN9391

Parka- Zara, Disco Pants- American Apparel, Top- Topshop, Bag- H&M, Creepers- Underground UO, Belt- Topshop, Socks- Topshop, Necklace- Gift

The weather has been amazing over the past few days in London! Then the inevitable grey clouds lured into the picture. AA disco pants obviously set me back on my cash when I purchased it, which was earlier this year in winter. But then I guess if one really wants it and knows that they will wear it frequently without any hesitation then it is totally worth it. 

6th form is about to start.*Noooo* it's been such a lovely long break I don't want to go back to that. I still have two events I'm really looking forward to which i need loads of outfit inspirations for! 

Until then, Take Care x


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Summer's in The Air & Baby Heaven's in Your Eyes

DSCN9806 DSCN9821 DSCN9837 DSCN9823 DSCN9815

Top- H&M, Shorts- Zara, Wedges- Topshop, Sunglasses- Accessories, Watch- Identity

Hello there, it's been way too long since the last post. I'll try to fill you guys in on some of the things that I've done over the summer. 
July was so wonderful to me, I turned 17, I did my work experience for a week at Edelman and i had such a great time! I also attended a summer school at Kings College for Humanities and Liberal Arts. It. Was. The. Bomb. I met so many lovely people during those two weeks. Can't emphasize enough on how much I enjoyed it all. I went to the Damien Hirst exhibition, it changed my life. Hahahaa no honestly that man is a genius. It was overwhelming but all so beautiful at the same time. I watched The Dolls House, The Amazing Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield is such a babe), The Dark Knight Rises and  Ice Age 4 in 3D of course. 
With the Olympics going on and everything I've had my moments of being a tourist as well exploring London more. I went on the London Eye, I think I was six when I first went on it. It totally makes you remember why London is so appealing to many. I also went to Madame Tussauds, I had such a brilliant time there, so worth the price. 

Outfit: Thank lord it is sunny again. I was so scared for a few days that some of my summer clothes were going to die in the back of my wardrobe as winter would take over. This top is the prettiest thing ever, after seeing it on one of Kavita's posts earlier in the year I was determined to get my hands on it. I found it on my second visit to the local H&M. I purchased it quite a few months ago so I'm unsure if H&M are still stocking these beauties. Beautycrush also rocks them in one of her videos. I purchased these Zara shorts on sale I find them so cute. Perfect on tanned legs.

I don't want summer to be over. I've missed blogging. I want an iPhone and Long hair. Team GB! Follow me on my Twitter and Tumblr for regular updates. 
Take care x 

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Friday, 25 May 2012

Schools Out For Summer

DSCN8548 DSCN8567 DSCN8554 DSCN8566 DSCN8560

Top- Nepal (gift from Uncle), Trousers- Topshop, Cardigan- Topshop, Hat- Brick Lane, Necklace- UO, Creepers- Office, Socks- Topshop

 I have completed my AS. No more sleepless nights. I am Free. Well that is ofcourse until the results day and A2 begins. Oh well it is going to be a long summer. I need to go shopping like now and stock up my summer wardrobe, because the weather is absolutely crazy at the moment in London; despite my winter-ish outfit.

Oh and I'm such a crap blogger. Have a lovely weekend x